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Typography Archives


Let's say you were trying to find a serif typeface designed in France, intended to evoke the 1600s. You would need some sort of tool that housed multiple criteria per font, as well as a wealth of metadata to present accurate and relevant results. Sort of like a Wikipedia for typefaces.

Three years ago, we decided to build that site. Today, it's live. We're calling it Typedia.


During a late night online conversation with another black, white, and orange website fan, it was decided that certain fonts should be retired. They’ve had a good run, but some things must come to an end. Whether, by overuse, obscurity, or just plain ugliness, here are some that just don’t make the cut.

Know Limits

While most of my design time is spent for on-screen endeavors, occassionally I'll take on a print project or two. I almost always find that there are such clear differences between the two, differences that make me believe that a great web designer can be a terrible print designer, and vice versa. The biggest difference for me is the limitation that each medium holds.

The Christmas Type

It’s official: I’m a geek. No, better yet: a DesigNerd.

Fix Your Face

Short of being a lesson in kerning, here's a little tip in making your typography look just a little bit better.

A Man of Many Faces

With a nice 3 week vacation before starting school again, I've rationed a bit free time to get around to doing some things that I've been meaning to get around to. Part of this list includes putting up some recently acquired posters, reformatting my hard drive, and finally finishing up my portfolio section for this site.

And yet there's one thing that I'm most eager to do—organize my jumbled typeface collection.

First-Grade Typesetters

Think back to the first time you were introduced to the alphabet. It may have been in school, at home with your parents, or somewhere entirely different all together. Remember that chart that was hanging over the chalkboard that you always used for reference?

What Typeface are You?

FontShop just published their I Am gallery. You’re encouraged to design and upload a 150×150 GIF or JPEG with the subject matter of which typeface embodies you.