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Taking a cue from Tim’s version, here’s the game.

Cogs and Spaceships

Tomorrow is my last day at Happy Cog.


I passed a homeless man on the street today.

I Want to Be a Blessing

I’ll never forget some of the last words he said to me. “I want to be a blessing.”

The Dark Knight

Two days ago, on its premiere, I saw The Dark Knight. As a movie, it was spectacular. As a sequel, it was fantastic. As a work of art, Heath Ledger’s finest performance. But as a Batman story, it was a let-down.

Holy Matrimony

My wedding was probably the most memorable day of my life. While I’m always more than happy to share it with anyone that wants to hear about it, I also just want to write about it so that, years later, I can still look back on this and remember how great it was for my wife and me.

Just Married!

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately.

Hi Phone

Goodbye weekend.


This week was great for my ego.

I Love My Job

Did I mention that I love my job?

Happy Cog Philadelphia

Well, the secret is out: I’ve left the old digs and have been working for a new boss. Today marks the official grand opening of Happy Cog Philadelphia.


My grandfather was a strong man.


After 4 long years, as of June 17, 2006, school is finally over with!

Senior Project

This weekend marks the culmination of 20 weeks worth of work, namely my senior project for the Digital Media program at Drexel University. Although I’m glad it’s over, there was a lot of work that showed the versatility of the skillsets in the program.

South By Southworthy

The gang is super excited about SXSW. For some of us, it's the very first time over to the cool kids' table. Others are seasoned veterans. But we're all stoked.

I'm Back

After almost 3 months of apparently disappearing, you can finally see why.

Getting Started

Pretend that I’ve already given you the typical welcome speech.