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Miscellaneous Archives


Good friend and aspiring dancer Kevin Cornell is featured in “The Comic Issue” of Philadelphia’s CityPaper. Go vote for his cartoon!

Think Pink

I’ve never considered myself very active in social issues, but this is one I’d like to bring to the forefront.

The Persistence of Weatherbug

Never in my life have I encountered an application so determined to remain on my computer as Weatherbug.

The Overwhelmed Bookshelf

My bookshelf has given up on me. My brain will soon follow.

Four Things

Well. I vowed not to do one of these again, not for any real reason, but probably to prove that I'm a tough guy.

And then Rob has to awaken from his slumber.

If he can do it, then I've got no excuse. I blame Rob.

The Amazon Circular

My online world is colliding with real life. I just received a circular from Amazon in the mail this morning. That's right, a print catalog featuring their new “specials.” Just another thing to throw away. Bad move, Amazon.

A Better Beta

The Firefox I once knew and loved is lost to me. Please come home, Firefox.

Always and For Never

Some rules on the way to ultimate success in life:

The Trouble with Free

Well, it's no Mike Davidson contest, but here's your chance to benefit from my misfortune and get your very own iTunes free download.

The Art of Voicemail

To all message-leavers: please consider the following points when faced with leaving a message on a person's voicemail.

Electronic Ink Jobs

Electronic Ink, a user-centered design firm in Philadelphia, is looking for a few good people. If you have experience in interface design (not just web design), please send your résumé to Jean Manna.