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Web(master) of your own domain

I get domain renewals email almost weekly. If you're like me, you probably register domains for crazy ideas you have as frequently as you eat. Often, those ideas never see the light of day because you're too busy. Or you realize the breakthrough from your dreamy stupor actually isn't such a great idea after all. Sadly, those domains slip quietly into oblivion.

Adobe vs. Apple

My previous post didn’t quite get the reaction I expected, which is great. This is why I love having a blog. While some misinterpreted extended metaphor as simile, I certainly accept equal blame for miscommunicating the idea. It was meant as lighthearted parody, but it’s clear that people want to have a dialog about the issue at hand. Thank you, readers and friends, for making that clear.

I’m ready to speak plainly about Apple’s stance toward Flash.


Imagine that the world’s most popular monitor makers decided to revolutionize CRT monitors. From now on, monitors would ship without the color Blue.


These are tough times, and it’s not always clear on how to deal with it. Here are a few perspectives on getting some perspective from some sources I hold in high regard.

Down in Front

At three years old, I would get impromptu invitations from the pastor of my church to sing. “Dan, do you have a song for us this week?” he would ask from the pulpit. I’d gladly oblige, walk to the front toting along my 37-key Casio, and sing and play a one-fingered version of the song I learned that week.

More than two decades later, I sing and play almost weekly as one-seventh of a contemporary Christian band. And in the virtual world, running a fairly well-traveled site and being a part of the world’s best web design consultancy (yes, I am biased) means enduring a large amount of scrutiny, both good and bad.

For all of my young life, I’ve been a performer. Not much has changed.


Hiring a good designer is like hiring someone to cut your hair.


Happy New Year! Yeah, I know it’s 22 days late, but it’s the first thing I’ve written for 2008. New years are great because they offer new starts and new beginnings. To the benefit of those looking at a fresh start, I’d like to write something for those new to the field of web design. I get a lot of email about it, especially from aspiring designers, so I’d like to talk about the process of building a website from start to finish.


I finally caved and joined Twitter, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep it up.

Mile Marking

Is blogging the same as online journaling? Hardly. But where does that leave online journaling?