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Design Swap

After months of procrastination, my Design Swap is finally live!


Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dave Dawson, a new friend of mine. As we talked about the industry, I shared my philosophy about staying inspired as a designer. Even I was surprised by the way I verbalized it.

YouTube & Vimeo Photoshop Templates

It’s always bugged me to have to place a video in a comp. I hope this makes things less annoying for you.


The Philadelphia Museum of Art is currently featuring a Cézanne exhibit. To help promote it, they’ve hung a monstrous banner in front of the museum. They do similar treatments for every special exhibit. Sometimes, they’ll even go so far as to paint the steps—yep, those steps—with a portrait of the artist or her work.

Mozilla Makeover

I just finished up my last project before leaving for this year’s pilgrimage to SXSW. I gotta say: it couldn’t have gone any better. What’s the project, you ask? Well, it’s a redesign for the Mozilla project.

Housing prevents AIDS. Housing saves lives.

Every once in a while, you get to be involved in something amazing.

In Your Dreams

What have you always wanted to work on?

The Tyranny of a Blank Page

In his talk entitled “The General Theory of Relative Creativity” for SXSW, Jim Coudal quickly touched on a concept he accurately termed “The Tyranny of a Blank Page.” He probably had no idea just how true that rang for me.

Design by Comfort

When I first started learning how to design, I often compared my work to that of those I admired, and justly felt lacking about my own skills. I frequently asked myself, “Why doesn’t my work look that good?” Even now, as the title of designer graces my business card, this inferiority complex hasn’t completely dissipated, but I have found a few tricks to quell it.


FogBugz is a very thorough bug-tracking application and the flagship product of Fog Creek Software, owned and managed by Joel Spolsky, of the Joel on Software fame. Representing Happy Cog, I’ve had the pleasure of helping the Fog Creek team redesign the FogBugz site.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

It’s a big month for Happy Cog. First, we launched our new site. Now we’ve launched a brand new project that we can be proud of.

The Agency Formerly (and Currently) Known as Happy Cog

For a long time, Happy Cog has been known has one of the premiere agencies in the web standards world. Owned and run by grand master Jeffrey Zeldman from NYC, we recently expanded to take the Philly region by storm. Today, our site gets a long overdue refresh.

The Future of Slice and Dice

I'm fairly young in terms of web years. In fact, I just barely recall building sites with tables. I may have designed/built a maximum of ten sites before moving to a standards-based approach. During my career, however, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with people that have been in the business for a hefty amount of time. With some, the years have evidently bestowed justifiable experience and wisdom, while others have used the time to become set in their stodgy, old ways.


A midnight mystery for you all: which one of these sites is the original and which is the imposter?

Graphic Noise

Yesterday was the opening reception for Graphic Noise, an exhibition for contemporary concert posters. Even better was the fact that it was held at Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, where I’ve been enjoying the last four years.

A Prelude Apart

In preparation for An Event Apart, I’ve got some stuff to share with the class:

Listed Apart

In light of the major headline across the web world of the new A List Apart launch, there have been a lot of mixed reactions about every portion of this site, most prominently the design, followed by the markup, information architecture and content.


Drexel University's design college, the College of Media Arts & Design or CoMAD, has long been in need of a modern website to represent the excellent instruction that goes on everyday. Although I'm quite biased (being part of the Digital Media program), CoMAD is a nationally accredited school and well-respected in academic circles.

Using Your Powers for Evil

I have a confession to make: in the past, I have used my powers for evil. It's not something I'm proud of, but I won't deny it.