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Taking a cue from Tim’s version, here’s the game.

Go to the address bar in your favorite browser, and type one letter. Start with “a”, end with “z”.

My twist: I picked ones that I think are pretty interesting or that you may not have heard of. Think of it as my Friday gift to you.


  1. Authentic Jobs, one of the best job boards around
  2. Big Spaceship, the best agency around
  3. CopyPasteCharacter, an invaluable resource for all those weird characters I use all the time
  4. Daily Type, new type illustrations every day
  5. ExpressionEngine 2.0 Public Beta
  6. The Font Game, a soon-to-be-released iPhone game that looks great
  7. Glyphish, free icons for iPhone apps
  8. Holy Loly, the blog of Dave Chau, design director at Big Spaceship. Some content NSFW.
  9., my favorite URL shortener.
  10. How to run a word count on a website using free Unix tools, by Jarango
  11. Kimm Saatvedt, a photographer with an awesome fullscreen website
  12. Mathieu Badimon’s Lab, crazy Flash experiments
  13. Macificent, a gallery of the best Mac OS X apps
  14. The Ultimate Guide to .htaccess, by NetTuts
  15. Ommwriter, a distraction-free writing app
  16. Easy Color Picking on the Mac, great tips from the Particletree team
  17. Quasimondo, Mario Klingemann’s Flash blog
  18. Refresh NYC, a new venture in the Big Apple
  19. SafeNow, cryptic iconography from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  20. Typedia, everyone’s favorite typography resource
  21. Uses Ths, awesome interviews about the software people use
  22. VaryWell, great design portfolio. Drag the boxes around and marvel.
  23. Wicked, because ticket prices still haven’t gone down
  24. XBox, because prices keep dropping
  25. Hannah, a handwritten typeface from YouWorkForThem
  26. Zazzle, make your own… anything!


Tim Van Van Damme said:

Thanks to you, I have now nearly 20 new tabs open... Great list!!!

Posted on December 4, 2009 07:58 PM

Mike Girouard said:

Hey this is a great list. And thanks for mentioning Refresh NYC.

Mike G.

Posted on December 15, 2009 11:32 AM

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