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Mile Marking

Is blogging the same as online journaling? Hardly. But where does that leave online journaling?

I don’t maintain this site for myself. I like to see it as a communication vehicle, an opportunity to share my thoughts with others and hear what they have to say in response. In that respect, my blog is not an online journal. It is public; it is for everyone.

Granted, there is some personal content here. I’ve made posts where comments were not allowed for one reason or another, but, in general, I welcome opinions and thoughts and mostly write about public topics.

Then what about the content that isn’t intended for everyone? What about the things that I write for me and me alone? I’ve learned to rely on technology to help me with that.

There is a tremendous value in writing for yourself and to yourself. If you don’t already, I encourage you to try it. You’ll learn more about yourself than you can imagine.

I use Movable Type to power this site, and what you see is what I choose to publish. Yet, I have just as many entries that are not published that I don't intend to publish. From small things, like frustration over a stubbed toe, to large issues, like my opinions about abortion, I’ve found that it’s a pretty easy way to document thoughts throughout my life, and, in essence, document life itself.

Although I consider myself to be young, I feel I’ve had my fair share of accomplishments. There are things in my life that I feel good about looking back and remembering. I use iCal to record it. My first freelance job, renting my first apartment, my first raise, joining a band, getting engaged, among countless other things are events that have shaped who I am today. Especially if you’re just starting your professional life, regardless of what industry you’re a part of, don’t take these things for granted. Having goals is important, and accomplishing them is a challenge, so remember and cherish them.

What about you? How do your “work tools” sometimes become your “life tools”?


Kirk said:

Ma.gnolia has become a big cross-over for me. I've heard others slam it for being nothing more than a rip but I see it as a much better option. The UI is so much better and that sort of thing really matters to me. More and more I find myself ticking the "keep private" option so that I can track articles or sites that are of personal importance.

Posted on July 15, 2007 04:29 PM

Rob Goodlatte said:

One of the tools I made entirely for myself was a simple idea book. It's very simple, built on some trivial PHP/MySQL code — each idea gets a title and a description and they're all date stamped.

I also began keeping a personal journal a few months ago at the recommendation of a doctor. It really helps me fall asleep at night — I write down all the thoughts I'd otherwise be mulling over while trying to sleep. I just have a small notebook and spend five minutes a day with it.

Posted on July 18, 2007 08:28 PM

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