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April 2006 Archives

IE Sandwich Hack

While trying to debug some CSS on a site we were working on, Pixelworthy partners-in-crime Michael and Mark helped me to devise a new way to handle IE. I call it the IE Sandwich Hack.

Graphic Noise

Yesterday was the opening reception for Graphic Noise, an exhibition for contemporary concert posters. Even better was the fact that it was held at Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, where I’ve been enjoying the last four years.

Indecent Exposure

In honor of the first ever Annual Naked Day, my site has decided to slip into something more comfortable.

Flash Course 3: Actionscript

When I decided to write this article, I concluded that I wouldn’t try to teach Flash through this articles. Instead, I’ll try to show you that Flash hasn't completely succumb to the stigma imposed on it. Sure, it's been abused in the past, but it's still a very useful tool. Don't let the title mislead you: there will be no learning of Actionscript here. There are lots of other sites that are better suited for that, like Flash Kit or However, I think that what I have to offer is equally as valuable. I’ll attempt to explain why understanding the concept of Actionscript can make you a dangerous designer or developer, especially if you understand and practice the separation of content, presentation, and behavior.