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February 2006 Archives

Flash Course 2: The Timeline

The timeline is one of the most basic tools in Flash. While mostly associated with amateur to intermediate Flash developers because of its ease of us, it's easily of the most underestimated and undervalued. Many things that can be done on the timeline can be done with Actionscript; however, the notion that you should do everything with Actionscript if possible is a giant misconception. There are instances where timeline animation is more appropriate than programmed animation, and vice versa; more on this in the coming weeks.

South By Southworthy

The gang is super excited about SXSW. For some of us, it's the very first time over to the cool kids' table. Others are seasoned veterans. But we're all stoked.

Flash Course 1: Intro to Flash

I know things have been lacking around here, but there's a good reason. Equal to my passion for typography is my passion for Flash. I've been meaning to write about it for a while, but I wanted to make sure that what I had to say was worth while. In constantly contemplating exactly what to write about, the ideas began to categorize themselves, and, eventually, started to fall well into a series format. Inspired by Mark Boulton's great Five Simple Steps series, my own will attempt to teach you all you need to know about Flash to be well informed. This is not a set of tutorials designed to teach you Flash. There will be tutorials; however, they will be specific to the point o' the day. The goal is to examine some practical and appropriate applications of the software. Let's get on with it.