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August 2005 Archives

The Trouble with Free

Well, it's no Mike Davidson contest, but here's your chance to benefit from my misfortune and get your very own iTunes free download.

The Art of Voicemail

To all message-leavers: please consider the following points when faced with leaving a message on a person's voicemail.

Listed Apart

In light of the major headline across the web world of the new A List Apart launch, there have been a lot of mixed reactions about every portion of this site, most prominently the design, followed by the markup, information architecture and content.

I Blogged Your Girlfriend

Graphic tees are about as popular as bad teeth. They're all around us, and you can't ever miss them. I will admit, they do appeal to the designer in me. I constantly catch myself thinking, “If I had designed my own clothes,”—which I eventually intend to—“it would probably look pretty close to that.”


Drexel University's design college, the College of Media Arts & Design or CoMAD, has long been in need of a modern website to represent the excellent instruction that goes on everyday. Although I'm quite biased (being part of the Digital Media program), CoMAD is a nationally accredited school and well-respected in academic circles.

Using Your Powers for Evil

I have a confession to make: in the past, I have used my powers for evil. It's not something I'm proud of, but I won't deny it.


The kind folks over at CSS-MANIA have deemed my site worthy of their gallery.

Ensuring Safe Blogging

According to today's Metro (a free newspaper distributed at train stations), here's how you can ensure safe blogging.

I'm Back

After almost 3 months of apparently disappearing, you can finally see why.