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I Blogged Your Girlfriend

Graphic tees are about as popular as bad teeth. They're all around us, and you can't ever miss them. I will admit, they do appeal to the designer in me. I constantly catch myself thinking, “If I had designed my own clothes,”—which I eventually intend to—“it would probably look pretty close to that.”

I blogged your girlfriend t-shirt image

I like to stay stylish, but I've never really been into keeping up with current trends, especially the ever-present your-mother-as-the-subject-of-sexual-innuendo, manhood-size-comparing, not-so-subtle-wit messages that are out there.

And yet I had to buy this shirt.

It's not so much the literal message that drew me to it; this A&F shirt is a testament as to how mainstream blogging really is, how quickly what we do can spread.

Or maybe I'm looking too deeply into it. Maybe it's not that important. Maybe the point is just for people to snicker at how cleverly I can use "blogged" as a synonym for less politically correct words. Maybe.


Greg Hoy said:

I did a double-take when you wore it to work. Our buddy Josh blogs his girlfriend all the time! Oh wait. Nevermind.

Posted on August 25, 2005 09:41 PM

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