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Ensuring Safe Blogging

According to today's Metro (a free newspaper distributed at train stations), here's how you can ensure safe blogging.

Understand that actions equal consequences: Words are powerful, so know that if you say something it may or may not follow you for the next couple of years.
Try to find your niche: In most cases, there are more than several people writing about the same thing. The tamer the better, especially if you are working for a high profile company.
Make sure your employers are kept in the loop: Some companies may have strict guidelines as to what can be printed on the Internet as an employee. Best to check with the human resources department before you create one.


stilist said:

For the most part, those rules are just common sense. Saying your boss is a complete arsehole will never make things go well; it's especially bad if you're foolish enough to use real names and everything. As always, use the rule of waiting for a while after the incident has happened. That way you're less likely to make a regrettable remark.

Or you could just be a wimp and not complain about your company. ;)

(PS: thanks for the background fix! :D)

Posted on August 9, 2005 12:30 PM

Jeremy Curry said:

Yea, always a bad idea to talk about anyone you're working for negatively. Always a good idea to say 3 nice things about some one for every 1 bad thing you say, and don't go into much detail. Also, bad idea to make generalizations, and assumptions of people's character.

Posted on August 9, 2005 04:27 PM

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