About Dan

I’m an interactive designer, living in the heart of Philadelphia, PA Brooklyn, NY. I read more than I speak, and I eat more than I read. If there was one thing that I could spend all of my money and time on without consequence, it would be food. That's me on the right. →

To me, being a designer doesn't just mean I make pretty pictures (although I can do that too); it’s about conceptually and visually helping to solve people’s problems. Professionally, my passion is generating ideas, theories that haven't been explored yet. Technically, I specialize in Flash, XHTML, CSS, and typography. If you're looking for someone to help out in any of these areas, or even if you just want someone to bounce ideas off of, feel free to drop me a line.

I currently work as a Senior Designer for Big Spaceship, a digital creative agency and the coolest web shop around. I was formerly the Interactive Director for Happy Cog and a singer/keyboard player for Philadelphia-based contemporary Christian band Four24.

About this site

This site is an experiment in contrast: thick and thin, big and small, black and white. It takes obvious references from editorial design, specifically inspired by The New York Times and the L.A. Times.

The site wishes it could maintain itself, but, sadly, I make most of the updates. Depending on which is more cooperative, the weapon of choice is either a Dell Dimension or a Mac mini. I use Adobe Photoshop for translating visual concepts into the digital world, hand-code the site with Textwrangler, and magically get my files online with Transmit, the bestest FTP-client this side of UNIX. Movable Type handles all the back-end stuff that I’m afraid to learn. Flash promises to come to the next slumber party, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

The titles across the site are set in Bauer Bodoni Bold, the nameplate is Bodoni Std Bold Italic, and the sidebar headings are Trade Gothic Std Bold Condensed No. 20. Supporting type includes Times New Roman for body copy and Georgia for its beautiful small-caps.